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28 January 2015 @ 07:08 pm

Hi. I'm Jane. Friends?

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j a n e
12 January 2013 @ 09:24 am

I'm feeling really shit about midwifery at the moment.... Or labour ward at least. I was sat in the office yesterday morning seriously considering walking out and never returning. I just can't see myself doing this for the rest of my life.

I love community midwifery- building up a relationship with women and their families and facing something new every day. I love being able to go out in the car and have the freedom to set your own path that day. I even like clinic; it may be rushed and often stressful but you have the chance to empower women and make a difference.

Labour ward, in short, sucks. Every woman who comes in gets straight onto the bed, lies down and that's it. No active birth, nothing empowering. They're treated more like patients than anything else. And the endless rounds of obs every. 15. minutes. It's soul destroying and frankly boring. In two weeks I've seen 2 normal births.... TWO. That's just shocking. Endless interventions, CTG monitoring where there needn't be and "white coat syndrome" makes it a strange place, making birth medicalised when in fact it's the most natural thing in the world.

I don't know. I'm pretty disillusioned by it all. Perhaps it doesn't help that I'm a couple of days in to a solid 9 day stretch of work without a break.

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09 January 2013 @ 12:59 pm

is it tacky to ask for help towards a honeymoon?

yes. end of.
not at all, if you have everything you need for a house
it could be tacky, but if the amounts contributed are anonymised it's not too bad

Mum thinks it's very bad manners to request help with the honeymoon as opposed to gifts. The thing is though, we will be skint after the wedding and we have everything we need for a house. Naturally we wouldn't EXPECT gifts etc. and it would be great if people even just turned up (!!) but if people did want to, that's what we would like.

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25 September 2012 @ 04:51 pm
Wow, what a long time since I posted.

1. I started uni and it IS midwifery :) loving it. We have some very inspiring tutors, a fab cohort who I have bonded with over the summer and a fantastic course outline.

2. I was, however, sent home today as I fainted. I was having my blood test done when I keeled over. Apparently freshers flu, dysmenorrohoea and bloods do that to a person! Embarrassing.

3. I went to visit decor_noctis and fyjason the other week! Fab. Lots of munching Asda treats, awesome tv and films (Ghosthunting with McFly made my life) and squee. I always feel so at peace with myself when I visit them. Must be something in the water!

4. Been to lots of wedding fairs lately as my friend Heather is getting married and I'm her bridesmaid! Yay!

5. There are other things but I'm tired and the nurse did tell me to sleep....
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15 November 2009 @ 04:49 pm
Friends Cut

I hate doing this, but I've removed quite a few people from my friends list. This is for numerous reasons; we may never comment on each others journals, you may not have updated in a long, long time or we simply never really made that connection. If I've removed you please remove me as well. If you're still here, then hi ♥
j a n e
18 August 2009 @ 11:01 pm
  • 14:54 Hmm.... now where should I book for my 21st?? #
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